Lighting as your canvis

Canvis Twist, the jewel of the Canvis family of OLED luminaires, is a luminous surface that dynamically changes shape and interacts with us through gestural control – creating a relationship between human and luminaire that is without equal. Visual experience becomes nuanced, dimensional, and individually customizable. The complete Canvis family includes Twist, Drape, Screen, and Pose.

Accepted in 2012 IES Progress Report for uniqueness, innovation, and significance to the Lighting Industry.

IIDEX Canada Silver Innovation Award 2012 as an acknowledgement of the latest and most innovative product designs.

Best suited for:

Areas where unique interactions with light are desired such as private office, executive lounge, meeting, retail display, and public feature spaces.


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Product Specifications (Preliminary)

  • 66 square OLED Panels
  • 3000K; >89 CRI
  • T70 Life 18,000 hours
  • 3500K and 4000K CCT also available

Gestural Control (Custom)

  • Changes shape in response to person below
  • Embedded IR sensor detects hand gesture
  • Intelligent processing provides deliberate yet intuitive movement of luminaire

Touchless Dimming (Custom)

  • Wall-mounted touchless panel for on/off and dimming
  • Illuminated indicators show dimming level


Canvis Twist